Thursday, February 19, 2009

What ARE they doing for those poor "donateds"?

This post is for Roxymommy. It is written with love for you and my friends travelling the TTC path, ...and heavily dotted with sarcasm toward the blogger in question.


I followed that "moron" link to find out what you referred to. This guy's title doesn't seem to work for his cause, by the way.

MORON is a good word. "Buffoon" is pretty good too, but I'm scared that person isn't joking...that that site is not just a spoof.

He (she?) refers to human beings conceived of donor sperm as "the donateds" throughout his blogs. And he doesn't appear to be trying to be cruel, it's just the callous way he refers to these human beings. Really lends credence to the stand he seems to be taking! (not.)

In his "About me" he compares adoptions/donorships to slavery and wife beating as well as excessive CO2 emissions. So...donorships should change too? (How so?) I had difficulty following the train of thought here.

And I for one, love etymology and have a pretty good vocabulary but found his (or her) verbal posturing DROLL! His thoughts are scattered and fragmented.

Really, you gotta laugh! Keep reading his various blogs (which is very difficult!).

He/she talks as if humans are being donated and sold. And while I know the abortion issue raises question about how early a person becomes a person, (zygote, blastocyst, embryo, fetus, WHEN exactly?), I don't believe sperm are at issue anywhere but his blog. Donated sperm creates an unhappy "donated"? And this is not fair to them? (you are such mean donor sperm recipients!) *rolling eyes*

In his paragraph "Why roots matter..." he is apparently talking to homosexuals but is so unclear in his thinking and writing that you don't know that until he mentions "same as hetero's money". He ends the paragraph saying the fertility industry "doesn't give a damn if the children sold to the public are happy". Yeah dude, appalling! Why aren't they determining before the sale, whether those sperm actually WANT to become a human "donated"? (Oh...but you already KNOW they would NOT!)

Wait! I have some friends who are parents of "donateds"! Let's see if they would describe them as being as miserable with their lives as he claims! Of course if THEY (the parents) referred to their children as "the donateds", I bet there would be bigger issues at hand other than the facts of their conception!

I have a suggestion for this blogger...given his ideology and compassion for sperm, I think he should become a serious advocate for them.

He should stop picking on parents who love the resulting human being, their child, and go after those men who, through countless masturbatory emissions during their lives, are murdering potential "donateds" and non-donateds! I think this is so much more shocking!

Ok maybe I'm being dramatic. Perhaps it's just reckless abandonment? Either way....a SERIOUS cause to fight for!

Such ignorance!

Roxymommy, I loved your post and hope know you won't break your stride until you have your precious bundle(s) in your arms! Hugs girl.


  1. I've come across a few of the similar blogs. Often it is the result of someone who is the product of donors but wasn't told until they were older. What gets me is the whole idea that if your parent hadn't done this it's not like you'd exist elsewhere in a different and better life. You just wouldn't exist. I also saw a post once that said that children were "always" better off with biological parents because adoptive parents didn't share the same blood and therefore would never be willing to give their life for their child but you biological parents would. yeah, that's why so many children are killed by their biological parents. What a crock.

  2. I've gotten that comment before along with others. It's so sad that they have to bother others. Thanks for posting this sweetie. I couldn't have said it better myself. :) (((HUGS)))

  3. Wow, that kind of thinking is just unbelievable. Thanks for posting this. Hugs, ag

  4. OMG...thanks for making me realize I am the world's most prolific serial killer!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you so much for your post. I love the feeling of having a "crew" behind me. Thanks!

  6. The ignorance that some people possess still baffles me at times.

    Your response is great. Thanks!!