Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Down and Out

Thank you for asking about me ladies!

It really means a lot to me!

Wednesday, a lady T-Boned the driver side of my car. I was driving.

I have a very painful shoulder due to torn muscles, ligaments, or tendons or something. I had my third Dr.'s visit yesterday where I learned he actually WANTS me to stay on the pain meds (& muscle relaxer & anti-inflammatory) around the clock...good because it provides some relief although it's very temporary, and allows me to do a little more, until the med starts wearing off and my shoulder screams from the activity I've engaged in. Frustrating because I'm doing SOOO little.

I'm not on the PC much because it hurts my eyes and head.

But I've got physical therapy next 2 weeks and hope that helps the healing to start.

And to my relief, today my boss said I have my job no matter how long it takes to get back! (My left shoulder and arm muscles are critical to my job.)

Likely no broken bones.

I AM doing some light lurking. I'm really trying to check in on the blogs, just not up to typing with the nausea, blurriness and pain.

Love to you, who cared to read this!