Sunday, January 25, 2009

FOR SALE: Baby Shoes, Never Used

It has seemed an overwhelming task to start a blog. Sure, blogging will be enjoyable, but start-up requires some research and designing and a whole lot of time I'll probably never have, right?

Well, here it is. And though I am unsure whether this site is intended for blogging, it has borne my first blog anyway.

Whether I'll manage the layout to show successive posts in a logical manor, I have no idea. Perhaps it will start here and die here....Or maybe, there will be a lot of housekeeping as I learn to navigate this site.

How do people come up with names for blogs? Do I name it something reflecting my geographical location? Something more personal using my name? Ah...but the title I've chosen is something I heard a long time ago. It was written by Hemingway. I'm adopting it, so let's give it a go!


  1. You will come to LOVE blogging, I promise. : ) Welcome to my world!

  2. Your title works just fine. Welcome to blogging. I remember you from the NW chat board although I haven't went there in a very long time.

  3. My husband says we just needed to watermelon